Did your Mississauga property listing expire?

home listing expired Mississauga buy sell home Has your Mississauga home listing expired? 

Sometimes even the best Mississauga homes don't sell!

Is your beautiful Mississauga home not selling? Has your Mississauga home listing expired? There can be many reasons for this such as real estate market conditions, marketing, pricing, overall home condition etc.

In Ontario, real estate salespeople cannot solicit TREB expired listings, because of prevailing Toronto Real Estate Board rules and privacy issues. The sellers on the other hand can call real estate professionals to re-list their homes/condos even after the expiry of their original listing.

If your Mississauga home is not selling despite many showings with no offers, then the problem might need to be identified. Similarly, if your Mississauga home/condo received concerns in feedback from both real estate salespeople and customers, then it’s time to re-define and deal with those.

When your Mississauga home is not selling, more often than not, the reason may lie in overpricing. An overpriced property allows buyer and REALTORS® to pit and sell other reasonably priced properties in your neighbourhood against yours. They simply show your property first and then sell similar properties that are priced lesser to their buyers.

How to tell if your Mississauga Home listing has expired

It’s easy to tell if your Mississauga home listing has expired because of overpricing. Simply look at the showings log. If there are insufficient showings, chances are that your home is overpriced. On the other hand, if you have enough showings and still no offers, chances are that your property is not showcased well. Another reason for your home listing expiry might be inadequate marketing of your listing.

Sometimes, home owners hire a salesperson who quotes the highest dollar value for their property (listing price). This sales tactic is known as "buying the listing". Home owners get lured by the over-promising salesperson and trust their pricing to be accurate which may not be the case. In such a case, the result is the Mississauga home not selling or an expired listing.

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