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Top Schools in Mississauga is a main priority for many home buyers. Finding best schools in Mississauga requires a bit of work. Thankfully, Mississauga is served by many Public, Catholic and Private schools, including a few faith-based schools. As a parent with school-going children, your search for homes or condos in Mississauga must have schools as the top criteria. The neighbourhood and street that you live in, dictates the Public or Catholic School your child must attend (with a few exceptions to the rule).

Finding top schools in Mississauga for your child to attend must start with a bit of research with credible sources. There are many ways of going about finding best Mississauga schools, but you need to do your own due diligence and work with a local Realtor who knows the top school districts in Mississauga and can guide you every step of the way. The Fraser Institute is a reputed and credible site that ranks and rates province-wide elementary and secondary schools and provides a report on how each school is doing in academics (EQAO average scores on reading, writing and math), including information on whether the results are improving, declining, or holding steady over the most recent five years. The Fraser rating system is a score out of 10. A school with a rating of 7.5 or more is considered great! For the purpose of school assessments provided on this page, we have referenced Fraser ratings (where available).

While the Fraser Institute, the school boards (Peel District School Board, Dufferin Peel Catholic School Board) and other independent school websites in Mississauga provide extensive information online, this page by Amit Kalia strives to provide you with a summary of all you need to know about top schools in Mississauga, to help you with your home search. If there is a home that you like in a school district of your choice, it is always prudent to call the school board before putting an offer on the house to re-confirm if the home address falls within the school’s student enrollment boundary. This is important as boundaries may change from time to time.

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There are two ways to go about your home search in Mississauga based on best schools for your children. If you know of a specific school or a school district that you'd like your child to attend, you can look for homes in the neighbourhood that is covered by that particular school or school district. 

If there are different family needs and top schools in Mississauga is one of them, then narrow down to two or three Mississauga neighbourhoods and narrow your home search on best Mississauga schools/ school districts in those neighbourhoods.

Amit and his team have extensive experience helping clients find a home based on top schools in Mississauga. Each team member is well-versed with various Mississauga neighbourhoods and the best Mississauga schools that these areas offer.

The Peel District School Board serves kindergarten to grade 12 students at more than 240 schools in the Peel Region (Caledon, Brampton and Mississauga). 

Many schools offer French immersion. It begins in Grade 1 and extended French begins in Grade 7. Registration for both programs takes place in January. However, there is a cap on the number of students that can be enrolled in the program each year in Grade 1. A random selection is used to enroll children in the French Immersion program.

Which Public School falls in Your Residential Boundary? 

The Peel District School Board’s handy FIND YOUR SCHOOL tool allows you to type in your address, to find public schools by Grades and by track (regular, French, Extended French, specialized programs). 

Which Catholic School falls in Your Residential Boundary? 
You can use the GeoQuery tool or contact the Planning Department at 905-890-0708 ext. 24440 to find out which Catholic schools your child can attend.


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Top 5 Public and Elementary Schools in Mississauga

Top 5 Public Elementary Schools in Mississauga. Buy home or condo near top 5 public elementary schools in Mississauga
Top secondary public schools in Mississauga. Top Schools in Mississauga. Best Mississauga Schools.


Top 5 Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools in Mississauga

Top Catholic elementary schools in Mississauga. Top Schools in Mississauga. Best Mississauga Schools.
Top Catholic Secondary Schools in Mississauga. Top Schools in Mississauga. Best Mississauga Schools.


Top 5 Private Elementary and Secondary Schools in Mississauga


Top private elementary schools in Mississauga. Top Schools in Mississauga. Best Mississauga Schools.
Top private secondary schools in Mississauga. Top Schools in Mississauga. Best Mississauga Schools.
*All efforts have been made to keep the information current and relevant. This page was last updated in May 2018. For addtional information and to re-confirm any facts, please call the appropriate School Boards/ or Schools directly.

Peel District School Board - 905-890-1010
Dufferin-Peel Catholic Schools Board - 905-890-0708