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Moving to a new country takes courage. It also creates exciting opportunities and new beginnings. Taking the time to learn what to expect - and what is expected of you - will help you succeed. 

Amit would love to tell you; how awesome it is like to live in Mississauga. Be assured that those who already live in Mississauga add their wishes for your happiness and success in your new City. Amit helps newly arrived immigrants, newcomers and first-time buyers find housing including renting in Mississauga. Amit wants to make their relocation move a truly wonderful and memorable experience!

As a newcomer or new immigrant to Mississauga you might also like to read-- My First Days. You may also want to download Renting Your First Home in Canada guide.

Government of Canada's --"Welcome to Canada: What you should know?" guide is designed for the new permanent resident of Canada and ideal for a newcomer or a new immigrant Mississauga.

If you are settling in Mississauga, visit Mississauga neighbourhoods page.  Your first year in Mississauga as a newcomer will be emotional and full of change. You may be looking for a place to live, a job, and schools for your children. You will probably make many new friends. Some of them will know how it feels to move to a new community or new country.

Mississaugans believe in the spirit of community. No matter which part of City you choose to live in, you will find people who can help you adapt to your new life, and fit into our Canadian society.

In the weeks, months and years ahead, you will have many opportunities to participate fully in Canadian life. You and your family can grow together, side by side with other Mississaugans, and make a better life for everyone. This is your new home.

Welcome to Mississauga!

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