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mississauga Real Estate Investing Opportunities

There are a lot of Mississauga real estate investment opportunities in residential and commercial real estate. If you are looking for real estate investing opportunities in Toronto or Mississauga, we can help you. In fact, we can also find you a great investment opportunity in other neighbouring cities and towns like Brampton, Oakville, Hamilton, Burlington, Ancaster, Georgetown, Waterloo, Acton.

Toronto, Mississauga Real Estate Investing - Types of Opportunities

Residential and Commercial investing in Mississauga and Toronto include single condo apartment units, multiplex properties, shopping and strip plazas, food franchises, gas stations and so much more. Some of the popular options are listed below.

Mississauga Real Estate Investing - Income from Residential Investment Properties:

Mississauga Real Estate Investing - Income from Commercial Properties:
Looking to invest in residential properties in Mississauga, Toronto, or elsewhere in the GTA? Check out these important tips.

Are you a real estate investor wishing to invest now in condos or freehold properties? You’re in luck. Market conditions are in favour of buying Mississauga condos currently. Securing a freehold property in Mississauga or Toronto for investment is a little harder these days, due to lack of supply and high prices. The current trend is to buy older freehold properties in Mississauga for investment.

Choose the right condo for Mississauga real estate investing

Most Mississauga condos fall into two categories: high rise apartments (such as the Square One condos) and townhouses. There is a lot of choice available in Mississauga for condo investment. You can buy builder new condos, an assignment sale of new builder condo, a free standing condominium townhouse or a stacked condo townhouse.

Secure the right freehold properties for Mississauga real estate investing

Amit's team can also help you buy freehold homes (detached homes, semi-detached homes and freehold townhouses) in Mississauga. These homes are ready for tenants to move in. We can also help you buy fixer uppers in good, mature Mississauga neighbourhoods. When buying fixer-upper properties, analysis of buying and selling costs, real estate commission, renovation expenses etc. become a crucial part of your real estate investment project. We also refer you to experienced home renovation contractors.

Investment Properties in Oakville, Milton, Burlington, Brampton, Georgetown and Acton

In addition to helping you with Mississauga real estate investing, we can also help you find freehold homes or condos in Oakville, Milton, Burlington, Brampton, Georgetown, Hamilton, Guelph, Kitchener, Cambridge, Waterloo, Rockwood, Caledon, Orangeville and Acton. These neighbourhoods are closer to Toronto and the homes that we secure for you are close to GO Transit and good schools. Many clients are investing in these cities as property prices are affordable, and people can find an investment freehold property or condo for less money. The properties carry themselves from the rental income, after the client has put 25 - 30% as down payment. These smaller towns and cities have a great growth potential as Mississauga and Toronto prices are somewhat out of reach for First Time Buyers, or investors looking to invest in a second or third property.

Looking for quality tenants? Leave it us!

No Mississauga real estate investing is complete without finding good tenants to fill in your investment condo or home. We take care of this important aspect of real estate investing for you, be it in Mississauga, Toronto or elsewhere in the GTA.

Concerned about Property Management? You can trust our team

In our experience, most local, small and medium investors (based within GTA) manage their own Mississauga condos and properties as this improves their cash flow. Overseas investors can be referred to competent full time property management companies. You can also choose our a la carte property management services for the Mississauga real estate investing that we secure for you. You can stay reassured that your property will be well looked after. We can also refer you to reputed paralegal companies that take care of any legal tenant/ landlord issues.

Worried about Financing? Consult with us.

No real estate investment for your Mississauga condo or freehold property is complete without financing. Leverage is one great tool that can multiply investor’s returns. We can refer you to both residential and commercial lenders, when it comes to Mississauga real estate investing in condos and homes.


Working with the right investment property broker is imperative. When looking to invest in commercial real estate in Mississauga, Toronto and other parts of the GTA, you should work with someone who has sound knowledge about the local market, as well as a good understanding of the type of commercial business or property you would like to invest in. Amit has years of local experience, and is backed by a team of highly successful full-time commercial Realtors at his RE/MAX brokerage. We can guide you every step of the way with your commercial Mississayga real estate investing. 

Selecting the right Commercial Investment Opportunity for You

There are many sale of business opportunities in Mississauga, Toronto and other parts of the GTA. Amit's commercial Realtor colleagues will show you the current and most relevant commercial real estate listings in Mississauga and Toronto. We ultimately help you find the right commercial property or business that matches your level of investment dollars and personal engagement. We will do the necessary research on entry costs, financing, returns, and provide you with a business proposal to help you make an informed decision.

Making Sure You are Well Covered - Crossing the T’s and Dotting the I’s

We will put you in touch with top accountants and commercial lawyers to review all the documentation, terms and conditions to help ensure that your commercial real estate investment is protected legally.

Toronto, Mississauga Real Estate Investing Enquiry

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