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As a prudent home seller, you need to understand the difference between a realtor who uses a strategy from the good old days, and a realtor who has evolved with time and updated and modernized his home selling strategy. In pure marketing terms, this is called "value proposition". This is what differentiates one realtor from another in terms of marketing strengths.

So the question you need to ask when choosing a Realtor to sell Mississauga home or condo is: what value are you bringing to the table?

To come straight to the point, you must choose a realtor who offers an integrated approach to sell your Mississauga home, which includes: home preparation & presentation, multi-media marketing plan and multi-tiered web strategy. A realtor who has a track record of bringing many qualified buyers for your property is an asset. All these attributes are absolutely critical in today's fast paced real estate market to sell Mississauga home or condo.

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"Thank you very much for an excellent job. I have the following to say: "I have dealt with many Realtors and Amit was clearly the best so far. My property sale was slightly more complicated because I live in Vancouver and the property being sold was in Toronto. Amit took care of everything and all went perfectly well. I had a really bad experience when purchasing this property before. I had to email/phone my real estate salesperson and lawyer so many times, that I regretted getting into that transaction. This time it was completely different. Amit made this sale so pleasant and smooth that I will have no hesitation venturing in real estate from Vancouver. He was an utter gentleman and a thorough professional throughout the deal. I only spoke with him a few times. He kept updating me by email and phone calls. He sold the property very fast and very close to the asking price. He found me a lawyer. I never had to speak to the lawyer. Unlike the previous time, I didn't have to fly out to Toronto. Everything was taken care of. I am so happy, he will always be my salesperson from now on. The high quality of his service was what impressed me the most." Massood Joomratty, Immigration Lawyer