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Fit to Sell


Curb Appeal
Running Time: 3:25

The first impression for a buyer will be lasting one, so show them that your house is worth moving into..

Main Selling Rooms
Running Time: 5:46

Have you ever thought about which rooms are the most important to your buyers? When it comes to preparing your home, you need to consider how your buyer would view the rooms.

Air Quality
Running Time: 2:24

Take into consideration of smells that linger in the house. Bacon, salmon, curry and garlic are just a few of the foods and seasonings that you should avoid when your house is on the market.

Running Time: 2:16

Make sure to remove any items that could be potentially disagreeable and pre-pack them. Buyers want to make an offer on a house that they can have a positive emotional connection with.

Running Time: 2:24

Buyers want to just move in and enjoy living there for a while before they decide if they want to change the paint colour. Selecting the right colours allows your buyer to emotionally connect with the house helping them to visualize living there.

Running Time: 2:08

Up-to-date flooring is one of the top selling features that a buyer is looking for so invest in your equity and replace any worn or outdated flooring.

Running Time: 2:08

Buyers want to move and continue working and living without a lot of interruptions or downtime. Your home will sell quickly if you impress them with a house that is move-in ready. Make sure to remove any items that could be potentially disagreeable and pre-pack them.

Home Inspection
Running Time: 2:38

Preparing your home for sale is not just about the cosmetic side, but the structural side as well. When you have done everything from top to bottom, inside and out, your house will appraise well and more than likely sell faster than your competition.

Updates and Repairs
Running Time: 2:12

When a buyer needs to invest money into a potential property, they will definitely reduce their offer price which is lost equity to you, the home owner. The majority of buyers are willing to pay more for a house that has been well looked after so show the buyers that your home is in turn key condition.

Furniture Placement & Lighting
Running Time: 1:53

Do you have balance in the room? This comes from making sure that size, scale, colour and lighting elements of your furniture and accessories are in harmony so one element does not overpower the room.


Fit to Buy


Are You Fit to Buy Real Estate
Running Time: 1:26

RE/MAX has created a program to assist you through the home buying process.Fit To Buy is a comprehensive guide to buying property. To download the guide (eBook) visit

Selecting A Right Buyer Agent
Running Time: 2:06

Selecting the right real estate agent is critical to having a successful home buying experience. Not only is your agent a licensed professional who understands the home buying process, they have in-depth knowledge and deeper access to current market conditions. Choose Wisely. Choose RE/MAX. For more information visit

A to Z Costs associated with Buying a House
Running Time: 7:08

From deposits to moving expenses, and everything in between, buying your first home involves more than just saving for a down payment. That may be the largest cost, but there are other things youll need to plan and budget for. Watch this clip to help note some of the upcoming expenses. For more information, visit

Energy Fit
Running Time: 3:29

Without a doubt, energy efficiency is an area more and more homeowners are paying attention to. Finding the money to renovate when buying your home is often difficult, however, many savvy buyers are purchasing homes in need of upgrades and taking advantage of large government grants to make the desired improvements. Making the right improvements increase the value of your investment, and your enjoyment at the same time. for more information visit

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