Top Private Schools in Mississauga

Top Private Schools in Mississauga


Top Private Elementary, Secondary, Faith-based and Special Needs Schools in Mississauga

While Mississauga offers some of the best Public and Catholic Schools in Ontario, some parents may wish to send their children to private schools in Mississauga. There is definitely the benefit of a better teacher-to-student ratio in private schools. 

Mississauga private schools can be categorized into three types: Traditional, Full Childhood and High School Grades. And then there are Montessori schools, French Immersion / Bilingual schools, Alternative Teaching and Faith-Based schools. There are also two Special Needs private schools in Mississauga. 

The chart below shows some of the Best Private Schools in Mississauga as per the latest Fraser Institute Rankings, where available.

Top Private Elementary and Secondary Schools in Mississauga

Top private elementary schools in Mississauga

Traditional Private Schools in Mississauga

Lynne-Rose Heights Private School
Winston Churchill/ Hwy 401
PS - Grade 8

Rotherglen School - Erin Mills, Meadowvale 
Burnhamthorpe/ Erin Mills Pkwy
PS - Grade 8

Sherwood Heights School - Erin Mills, Kennedy
Glen Erin/ Dundas
Kennedy/ Matheson
PS - Grade 8

Primary Prep Academy
Derry/ Winston Churchill
JK - Grade 3

St. Jude’s Academy
Mississauga Rd./ Hwy 401
JK - Grade 11

Star Academy
Dixie/ QEW
JK - Grade 8

Bronte College Junior Campus
Burnhamthorpe/ Erindale Stn
JK - Grade 8

Kendellhurst Academy
Queen/ Thomas
Nursery - Grade 8

Full Childhood Private Schools in Mississauga

Mentor College
Lakeshore/ Hurontario
JK - Grade 12

Team School
Cliff/ Queensway
1 - Grade 12

High School Grades Private Schools in Mississauga

Bronte College 
Queensway/ Hurontario
9 - Grade 12

Holy Name of Mary College 
Mississauga Rd./QEW
5 - Grade 12

Toronto International Academy
Burnhamthorpe/ Creditview
10 - Grade 12

French Immersion / Bilingual Private Schools in Mississauga

Kendellhurst Academy 
Queen/ Thomas
Nursery - Grade 8

TFS – Canada’s International School 
Cawthra/ Lakeshore
PK - Grade 7

Alternative Teaching
Dundas/ Mississauga Rd
PK - Grade 8

Montessori Private Schools in Mississauga

ABC Montessori
Matheson/ Kennedy
Nursery - Grade 5

Northstar Montessori Private School
Tomken/ Eglinton
PK - Grade 8

Peel Montessori
Lakeshore/ Clarkson
PK - Grade 8

White Oaks Montessori - Lorne Park, Clarkson
Indian/ South Service
Clarkson/ Truscott
Nursery - Grade 6

Westbrook Montessori Academy
Derry/ Winston Churchill
Toddler to age 6

La Villa Montessori
Southdown/ QEW
Toddler to age 6

Golden Orchard Montessori
Burnhamthorpe/ Dixie
2.5 - 6 years old

Faith-Based Private Schools in Mississauga

Lumen Veritatis Academy
Queen/ Thomas
Grades: JK - Grade 6

Meadow Green Academy - Erindale, Clarkson
Queensway/ Mavis
PS - Grade 8

Mississauga Christian French School
Eglinton/ Creditview
PS - Grade 8

Philopateer Christian College
Mississauga Rd./ Erin Mills Pkwy
PK - Grade 12

Shepherd Montessori Private Catholic School
Camilla/ Queensway
Nursery - Grade 1

Mississauga Christian Academy
Derry/ Glen Erin
JK - Grade 8

Special Needs Private Schools in Mississauga

The Good Samaritan School for Exceptional Students
Mississauga Rd./ Erin Mills Pkwy
JK - Grade 12

Oakwood Academy
Mississauga Rd/ Erin Mills Pkwy
JK - Grade 8 

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*All efforts have been made to keep the information current and relevant. This page was last updated in January 2019. For additional information and to re-confirm any facts, please call the Private Schools directly.

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