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Moving to a new country takes courage. It also creates exciting opportunities and new beginnings. Taking the time to learn what to expect - and what is expected of you - will help you succeed. 

We'd like to tell you that it is absolutely awesome to live in Mississauga. And those who already live in Mississauga wish for your happiness and success in your new City. We help newly arrived immigrants, newcomers and first-time buyers buy homes or condo apartments, and even help them with renting in Mississauga. 

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Government of Canada's "Welcome to Canada: What you should know?" guide is designed for the new permanent resident of Canada and is ideal for a newcomer or a new immigrant Mississauga.

Learn about the latest First Time Home Buyer Incentives for Canadian citizens, permanent residents and non-permanent residents who are legally allowed to work in Canada.

Learn more about Mississauga neighbourhoods and Misssissauga's top school districts.

Your first year in Mississauga as a newcomer will be full of change and likely be quite emotional too. You may be looking for a place to live, securing a job, and finding good schools for your children. You will probably make many new friends. Some of them will know how it feels to move to a new community or a new country, and they will be able to guide you from their experience.

Mississaugans believe in the spirit of community. No matter which part of the City you choose to live in, you will find people who can help you adapt to your new life, and fit into our Canadian society.

In the weeks, months and years ahead, you will have many opportunities to participate fully in the Canadian life. You and your family can grow together, side by side with other Mississaugans, and make a better life for everyone. This is your new home.

Some FAQs for Newcomers


Can People on Work Permit Buy Property in Mississauga (Canada)?

If you buy immediately upon arriving in Canada, you will be hit by 20% Foreign Buyer Tax. However, this amount is reimbursed to you when you get your Permanent Residence (PR).

What is Better - to Rent or Buy a Property after becoming a Permanent Resident? 

We highly recommend buying vs. renting, as renting is simply throwing away money (or paying off someone else's mortgage), which you will agree, mostly does not make prudent sense.  We conduct First Time Buyer sessions for Permanent Residents of Canada looking to buy in 1-2 years of landing. This informative session will clear any questions or concerns that you may have about buying a home or a condo in Mississauga & area as a First Time Buyer. By far the most important factor is building your own real estate wealth as soon as possible.

Remember - the amount that you pay as rent on a monthly  basis can cover the cost of your own mortgage on your own home or condo, depending on the down payment that you are able to put in at the time of buying.

Second important consideration is that Real estate market is doing very well in Canada & some property types are still affordable.

However, we do understand that circumstances might compel you to rent initially, before you can buy. This is fine and we can help even in this scenario.

What is the Rent Now - Buy Later Program

As part of this program we can assist you with finding a suitable property to rent for 1-2 years (max). Closer to the end of your lease term (or earlier depending on your readiness to purchase), we will start sending you for sale listings that closely match your needs. We will arrange for showings so that you can cherry pick the home or condo you would like to buy.

As a Buyer, when you Buy your home or condo with Team Kalia, you DO NOT pay us any fee or commission, as the Buyer Broker fee or commission is typically covered by the Seller in Canada.

What are the Rent Now-Buy Later Program Benefits

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