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pricing Mississauga home for sale

Setting the listing price


The single most important decision that we can help you make is determining the right listing price for your Mississauga property. There are three things to consider when setting the listing price for your Mississauga property:

  • Analysing the TREB MLS recently sold data
  • Prevailing real estate market conditions in Mississauga
  • Setting the marketing strategy to sell your Mississauga property

Local details are more significant than national patterns. This means resources regarding real estate prices on your specific street, condominium complexes or in your subdivisions in Mississauga. The prevailing market conditions also affect pricing, expecially when you are thinking of both selling and buying around the same time.

If there are many similar properties for sale on your street, an individual Mississauga property owner may receive a slightly lower offer from a buyer who is comparison shopping. A motivated seller might even consider lowering his price to sell faster than his competition. On the other hand, in Mississauga neighbourhoods where houses rarely come up for sale, a slightly overpriced listing may be snapped up faster.Setting listing price of your Mississauga property also depends upon location, type of property, competition among similar properties, lot size, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, frontage, square footage, taxes, overall condition, upgrades, basement, landscaping etc.

Sometimes, a neighbourhood development or a condominium complex may drive area prices up or down in Mississauga, especially if it is integrated well. A new school, public/ bus rapid transit, subway, hospital, shopping complex etc. may drive prices up.

Mississauga properties that require minor expenses for re-decorating may exhibit more price stability than properties where major renovation or upgrading is essential.

There are also elements within each individual property listings that reflect positively or negatively on the asking/ listing/ setting the selling price of your Mississauga property. A property owner may accept a lower sale price and still consider receiving full compensation when there is perceived monetary value in other aspects of the sale, or the seller may demand a higher price when asked to make concessions to buyer needs, like closing date, conditions and financing, chattels and fixtures' inclusion/exclusion (appliances, lighting fixtures, furnishings etc.)

House/Condo owners in the Mississauga must be cautious before applying certain percentage increase to the value of their properties. Some areas experience overall increase in both the transaction and price, while others might have less activity. Buying condos in Mississauga based on per square foot is not always the correct approach. 

We can help with the right home pricing

Many satisfied Mississauga home sellers can vouch for our services and their stress free property selling experience with Team Kalia.

We offer a free home evaluation and suggestions for the best pricing of your property in Mississauga. Once you've achieved a realistic sales price of your Mississauga home/condo, you can count on professional expertise in marketing to bring in more buyers, quick sales and top dollars.

How buyers look at your price?

Lets have a look from the buyer’s point of view to evaluate the best way for setting the listing price for your home. Remember, buyers are looking for the best value. Buyers determine value by shopping comparison of the features and benefits of your home with ones that are listed on the market and or sold recently.

Most buyers are happy to offer a fair market value for an updated home. When your home or condo is not updated, buyers prefer to pay less, as they end up updating at their own expense. Buyers will not always pay you more than the listed market value for an updated property, because this is the least they can expect when buying, unless it is a Seller's market, where homes may sell for well over the asking price. When there is a lack of supply of listings, buyers will buy your updated property for more.

Upgraded Properties

Most buyers are likely to pay you more for your upgraded Mississauga property as long as you have not upgraded. Your upgrades are not always the preferred choice for the buyer.

So how exactly do buyers shop for value? 

When faced with a choice of similar Mississauga home options, one priced lesser than the other, a typical buyer might go for the property priced lower because they can easily spend their own money to upgrade the house suited to their taste.

In most cases, buyers go for a well presented, upgraded house with new fixtures and fittings simply because it is better value for money. However, sometimes buyers struggling with finances might opt for a house priced marginally higher to save extra expenditure from their own pocket for upgrades. To increase value, the house priced lower has two options then to lower the price further or bring up the benefits for the same price. Sellers need to create value for the buyers.

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