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Property Management Services for Landlord Clients by Team Kalia Remax Realtors Mississauga


Rental Property Management for Mississauga Toronto Real Estate Investors 

Rental property management should be one of your top priorities as a smart local real estate investor and a non-resident real estate investor. The key objectives include buying the right type of property at the right price, in the right neighbourhood and rented to the right tenant. All of this will help you achieve your goal of getting rich and acquiring wealth over time.

Cash flow is a crucial component of prudent real estate investment in Mississauga, Toronto and elsewhere in the GTA. A real estate investor can expect different returns even from the same property based on the rental property management services they opt for.

A full service rental property management fees can erode investor's cash flow

With our real estate experience in buying, selling and renting in Mississauga, we feel that a full-time rental property management company can sometimes eat into investor’s cash flow. And then, landlords who undertake their own rental property management might agree that managing properties can sometimes become a daunting experience, especially for out of town or overseas landlords. For a smart investor, hiring a full-time property management company may not always make sense.

In order to add value to your real estate investing, Team Kalia offers a la carte rental property management program that gives our investor/ buyer clients peace of mind, saving them big dollars on rental property management and helping boost their confidence in real estate investing.

This unique program is offered by Team Kalia only to investors who buy their investment properties with us and it does not bind other salespeople at RE/MAX Real Estate Centre Inc. Brokerage.

Our a la carte program saves you more than a regular rental property management company

Our a la carte rental property management service is a way to help you with hassle-free real estate investing! Any questions? Please feel free to contact Team Kalia with any questions, or clarifications you may have.

Landlords enjoy hassle-free rental property management services

If you are thinking of buying an investment property in Mississauga, Toronto or elsewhere in the GTA, you can manage it using our a la carte rental property management services. Our a la carte rental property management services is offered on all investment properties that you will buy using our real estate services.

No monthly fees: Our landlord investors DO NOT pay any monthly rental property management fee, unlike conventional rental property management companies. There are no annual fees also. Our program is applicable only on residential property management in Mississauga, Toronto and the GTA.

Pay Per Use Inspections on your behalf: Any tenanted property should be inspected once in 3-4 months to ensure that it is in good state of repairs. You will decide on the number of Preventive Maintenance Inspections that you would like to have. For condo townhouses and freehold properties, it is highly recommended to enroll for heating and cooling maintenance service contracts to ensure regular maintenance, service checks and repairs of air conditioning and heating units. Pay per use fee start from $150 per inspection by a qualified handyman and goes up to $400 per inspection by a licensed home inspector.

Repair, Maintenance and 24 hr. emergency: All minor issues and 24 hr. emergency repair service etc. will be taken care of by qualified handymen/ service technicians. These people will bill you directly.

Tenant Renewal and Rent Increase Reminders: For a small fee, we can send tenant lease renewal reminders, rent increase reminders, as per prevailing landlord/ tenant rules.

Paralegal Services: Should there be a default in rent payment, we will refer you to professional paralegal companies. 

What makes our property management services different

Rental property management by landlords in general 

Most local real estate investor landlords manage their own properties. When leasing a typical property, a real estate agent's job ends after finding a tenant. Once the tenants move in, the landlord and the tenant take care of all day to day issues between themselves. This helps landlords save costs on hiring a professional rental property management company. While this improves the cash flow for the landlord, this also means that the landlord must be available at all times to take care of any issues in a timely manner. This can sometimes take a lot of your time and energy. If you are a non-resident investor, it can be quite difficult to manage all of this remotely.

Traditional Full Service Rental Property Management companies

Many landlords choose full service professional rental property management companies who charge anywhere from 8% to 10% of the gross rent in today’s market. Non-resident investor landlords pay another $350-$500 in annual fee to file non-resident taxes, with Revenue Canada. Rental property management companies also charge a fee to inspect properties every time a tenant moves in or out. Rental property management companies also undertake or coordinate repairs, regular maintenance service etc.

Sometimes, rental property management companies charge from 8% to 10% of gross repair cost, as a surcharge or fee to oversee property improvement works. There are fees involved for visiting vacant properties. 

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