Renovating Mississauga home or condo for resale

Renovating Mississauga home or condo for resale

More is not always merrier for Mississauga Home Renovation

When it comes to renovating Mississauga property, one plus one does not necessarily equal two. Over renovating can under value your home. The money invested in renovation before selling your home will not always translate into an equivalent return in the selling price of your home. However, with planning it is possible to both increase the sales value of your Mississauga home/condo and even profit from your home renovations. It is important to strike the right balance.

Renovating Mississauga property does not have to be extensive or expensive to earn a high rate of return. We can help you retrofit your existing home to save energy, lower utility bills, improve environment, lower ecological footprint and receive energy saving government grants or incentives. These green friendly home improvements will also yield a solid return when you will sell your home.

To maximize sales value ensure that your new decor is modern and tasteful. Choose shades of white and pleasing neutral shades. Steer away from too many personal touches and custom work if you plan to re-sell. It is unlikely that your investment will be recouped and it may prevent the quick sale of your home.

Also, try to stick to the trend in your neighbourhood when it comes to renovating property. The kitchen and bathroom are key areas to focus on renovation before selling your home. With average paybacks of 72 and 68 percent respectively, new fixtures, cabinets and tiles could be well worth the money and effort.

The AIC's study highlighted the top ten renovations and the average rate of return

With his background in interiors, Team Kalia can pinpoint areas of your property that can benefit from smart renovations to increase sales value and decrease your concerns.  If you are planning to sell your Mississauga property you can profit more with top notch marketing and our renovating tips. Just curious about your current home worth - get a quick home evaluation.

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